August 2-5, 2023


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Our annual ICON event attracts dynamic women business owners, entrepreneurs, expert speakers, thought leaders, exhibitors, and major supporters of the women’s success movement. Our Conference is ranked among the top six (6) national Conferences by the Predictive Index.


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1 Million Women 1 Million Dollars
1 Million Women 1 Million Dollars

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Conference Testimonials

Megan L. Wright
Dell | US Small Business

Year over year we continue to be blown away by the level of community that gathers at eWomenNetwork’s international ICON conference. This continues to be a standout event for female entrepreneurs and founders that Dell Technologies is thrilled to be a part of every year.

Christina Dyer
CEO, Embellished Butterfly, Colorado Springs, CO

The information and influence provided during the sessions was relevant. Magie Cook’s interview was outstanding…definitely made me feel like I literally have no excuse to act. The networking and connections outside of the Conference walls was priceless. As a beginning CEO Solopreneur, I have gained so much insight and knowledge that easily shaved an entire year of struggling to figure details out on my own. Additionally, I have learned the value of selecting key professionals to help along the way…make the investment to propel forward exponentially.

JoAnn Stoneberg
CEO and Founder, Soul Investigation, Calgary, AB, Canada

The Conference helped provide me with a new perspective to know that I am the ‘soul’ owner of my company and that, although an expert in my field, I am the CEO of my company. I feel more motivated and inspired to grow my business, knowing there is a support team out there for me. Thank you for hosting a conference tailored specifically to entrepreneurs.

Dr. Carol Soloway
Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author of Sex Happens and Gracie’s Gone, Orange County, CA

The atmosphere and culture of the Conference far exceeded any conference I’ve ever attended. The “community” created was warm, welcoming and inclusive. Amazing connections are made throughout the US.

Robin Edgar
Edgar Financial Group, Minnetonka, MN

The eWomenNetwork Conference was very motivating and offered a great mix of education, connecting and vision for me on my next steps in my business. The level of information and structure of Sandra’s teaching was helpful to me in recognizing what my next steps are to grow my business. Sandra and her team are dedicated to helping 1 million women make $1 million a year in their business.

Caitlyn Fiken
E.I., Sierra Consulting Structural Engineers, Las Vegas, NV

My life has been so positively impacted by attending this Conference. It was my first Conference (ever actually) and I can’t say enough how inspiring, uplifting, and motivating it was. I was in awe being surrounded by so many driven and passionate women who had nothing but open arms and kindness to give. I’m 31 years old and am looking to make a possible career change. This Conference gave me real life advice and the confidence to pursue anything I desire. I can’t thank you enough. My soul is awakened!

Michelle Guajardo
Founder & CEO, TheConsciousLibrary.com, Marble Falls, TX

I attended my first eWomenNetwork Conference and was blown away by the friendliness and approachability of everyone from the convention/hotel staff to the eWN staff to the participants. I left with pages of notes and to do’s and a renewed sense excitement and empowerment in my business. I have told everyone about the Conference and can’t stop raving about my experience. Thank you, Sandra, Kym, Briana and Company. Exceeded my expectations.

Kathy Peake
CEO, The Peake Financial Group, Tucson, AZ

The Conference is the gift I give myself each year. The time and money spent is so worth all the new ideas, concepts, Mindset, fun and fabulous connections all over the world! I have done lots of different kinds of conferences over the years and this is by far the best organized, produced, content, and high-quality people. Nothing like it! I love it and it fills me up so I can attend to my business, and life for another year! Thanks to all who came, all who work tirelessly behind the scenes and all who gave so much service and love to us!!

Judy Hahn
CEO & Functional Medicine Health Practitioner, Hahn Holistic Health, LLC, Glendale, WI

The Conference was quite life-changing for me as it made me realize that if I wanted to do things that others were doing in the way of success, I had to play bigger or go home. I would never have purchased a program like the Inspired Brand before but having done that was like drawing a line in the sand and really making a commitment to grow my business to an income level that I didn’t think I could achieve but do know now that I not only can but I deserve for the dedication and knowledge I provide my clients.

Leslie Cole
CEO, Majestic Feminine, Newport Beach, CA

I’m thrilled and delighted to find a coach at the eWomenNetwork Conference that meets the need I was looking for at an investment that makes sense to me. I wouldn’t have connected with this solution if I hadn’t been at the Conference.

Connie Zeller
CEO, C.Zeller Events, Salt Lake City, UT

I was awestruck by the generosity of the attendees. There was never a time that I felt insecure about sharing my passion about my business. So many attendees gave me valuable information that will transform my business. This Conference was a bit of a business utopia.

Bron Watson
CEO, Bron Watson, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

I have a notebook full of notes, actions and implementation strategies. It was worth the long-haul flight and I would 100% recommend it. The inclusivity, professionalism of Sandra, Kym and the team, not to mention the attendees is something I have not experienced in business before. I am so very grateful for all I have learned and have finally found my tribe.

Dr. Amanda Zeller Manley
CEO, The Vision and Conceptual Development Center, Chevy Chase, MD

I have learned so much I didn’t know, and the eWomenNetwork Conference has provided opportunities for networking and business education I didn’t get in my previous 10 years as a business owner.

Linda Terjesen
Founder/CEO, LTLTE, Inc., Dana Point, CA

I loved all the great networking and friendliness. I made a lot of great connections and I have a lot of follow up phone calls and leads. I’m already serving a new client and I’m happy about that too!

Anita R. Henderson
CEO & President, The Write Image, LLC, Atlanta, GA

I arrived at the eWomenNetwork Conference unsure of whether this was the group for me to join. After Day 1, I was convinced that these are the women I want to grow my business to $1M with. The networking was over-the-top incredible, and every session I attended offered value and insight to help me expand personally and professionally. Thank you, Sandra Yancey and the eWomenNetwork team for inspiring women entrepreneurs to Rise as Influencers in the world.

Mary Boggs
President, Benefits Plus Services, Lewisville, TX

Having attended every eWomenNetwork Conference since their beginning, it’s interesting to look back and see how the organization has grown and changed – and every year there is a different focus that is promoted. It’s an awesome undertaking to bring together over 1000 women from around the country and beyond – and eWomen does it with such style and grace! Love meeting awesome business women and men during these events! Can’t wait to experience the 20th Conference next year! After 19 events, no way I’d miss it!

Debbie Sodergren
CEO/Founder, Up Vibrations, LLC, Hartford, CT

I love attending this Conference. It is full of the latest research & trends in the entrepreneurial experience, content that fits into your business, speakers who inspire you, attendees that truly want to connect with you; not sell you, and the Conference team of Sandra Yancey are truly authentic and live by their values. This is a ‘must attend’ event every year.

Irmadene Hanson
CEO, Irmadene Hanson, LLC, Parkers Prairie, MN

Every year I come to the Conference I have some kind of break through with my business. Each time I get clearer and more niched. The quality of conversation that I have the other like-minded attendees is first rate! Listening to Sandra is ALWAYS inspirational, this Conference is outstanding because she is so real, and everyone identifies with her! I wouldn’t miss this Conference for anything!

Danielle Woolley
Middletown, NJ

The coaching received, and the connections and conversations with other attendees throughout the week alone made this Conference the best I ever attended and worth my time and money investment.

Felita Poole
CEO, Hannah’s Home Care Agency and Loving Touch Telecare, Seattle, WA

Sandra Yancey continues each year to dazzle us, inspire us, motivate us, and challenge us as entrepreneurs. Her Conferences are the lifeline to my business. Each year, I come to “Get the CPR” so many entrepreneurs need to keep striving and to keep building. This is a must do for each year.

Cheryl Marks Young
CEO & Founder, Creative Blueprints for Leaders, Westfield, NJ

The insights and lessons learned from the sessions with Sandra and some of the other speakers are invaluable. The framework they describe is not rocket science but the way they deliver the information provides so many AHA moments. Also, the quality of the attendees and the focus on sharing and connecting versus the usual selling that happens at many conferences, makes the eWomenNetwork Conference experience far superior. I literally walked away with 400 new quality connections that I know I can reach out to with questions and I know I will receive quality responses. My email and text system have been full of messages from all these amazing women and men that I connected with during the event. If you want a community of quality entrepreneurs who are interested in making real and personal connections to help each other grow, this is the best place to be. So happy I said YES this year.


For over 22 years, eWomenNetwork has produced and hosted the premier Conference experience for Women business owners and entrepreneurs. The 23th Annual Conference called eWN ICON represents the massive evolution and impact of our eWomenNetwork Community over the past two decades. Our Conference is open to all, members and non-members, women of course and men too! The diversification, impressive high caliber and range of businesses represented is extraordinary and not duplicated at any Conference anywhere. A staggering 96% of all attendees are Presidents and CEOs of their businesses. Not only will you find our environment open, supportive and inviting, you will discover a nurturing networking experience, products, services and resources that can help you catapult your success. Our mission is to help one-million women entrepreneurs each achieve one-million dollars in annual revenue.