Know what I’ve learned after running the Maui Writers Conference (which Writers Digest called “the best writers conference in the world) for 17 years?


Books in your head help no one.


As a busy business owner, you can have the best of intentions, but if you try to write your book on your own, you may never finish it. And that’s a regret waiting to happen.


In this highly interactive session, you’ll be teamed with a sister writer so you can support each other and instantly apply these step-by-step best-practices to your writing project.


Whether this is your first book or third, you’ll love these inspiring success stories and “I can do that today” tips that help you make good on your intentions to become a successful author.


A sampling of what we’ll cover includes how to:


*   Write page-turning copy

*   Coin the perfect title, sub-title and chapter titles

*   Pick a strategic topic that will be a pebble in the pond of your legacy

*   Overcome Imposter’s Syndrome and get in the FLOW of THINKS

*   See writing as a JOY instead of as HARD

*   Be an AUTHORpreneur who monetizes your work


Sam shares do’s and don’ts from bestselling authors she’s worked with, along with insights from her own 9 books, and from the hundreds of clients she’s helped get published and turn their books into TEDx talks, paid speaking careers, virtual coaching, and lucrative online programs.


Please understand, if you want to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world, you can’t just be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be a thought leader. NOW is the time to invest in a more rewarding future by writing a quality book you’ll always be proud of that scales your business success, keeps you relevant, and generates revenue for years to come.

August 27 @ 19:30
19:30 — 21:00 (1h 30′)

Frisco 1 & 2

Sam Horn