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Our Speakers

Sandra Yancey

Founder & CEO
eWomenNetwork, Inc.

Kym Yancey

Co-founder & President
eWomenNetwork, Inc.

Briana Dai

Director of Digital Marketing at eWomenNetwork

Kate Paine

Founder and CEO of Standing Out Online

Sam Horn

The Intrigue Expert: a world-renowned Author


The Sandra Yancey RISE Team—helping you determine your next best BOLD move.

Jennifer Diepstraten

Director of Sales, eWomen Conference 2019 and High Ticket Sales Mentor

Peter Diepstraten

RISE Manager and assistant to Jennifer Diepstraten

Dr. Nadia Brown

RISE Specialist and Sales Trainer & Strategist

Dr. Michèle Gunderson

RISE specialist and entrepreneur

Sarah Michael

RISE Specialist and High Ticket Yes Mentor

Karla Silver

RISE Specialist and Systems and Automation Expert

Melissa Acuna Dengo

Client Concierge, Youth and Family Coach


Exclusive: One-On-One coaching sessions with our team of Premier Success Coaches

Ellen Albertson, PhD, RD

The Midlife Whisperer™ Overall Wellness to Rock Your Life!

Talmar Anderson

Hiring Strategy and Boss Best Practices

Kimberley Borgens

Team Building & Delegating Strategist

Betsy Clark

Confidence and Courage Mindset Coach

Michelle Guajardo

Mindset and OnLine Course Creator Teacher + Strategist

Kami Guildner

Helping you raise up your voice, your brand and business!

Kate Hagerty

Certified Life Purpose & Relationship Intuitive Coach

Kricket Harrison

Speaking and Performance Expert

Tami Jaffe

Break out growth expert

Teri Karjala

Business & Life Transformation Strategist

Cheryl Marks Young

Creating Clarity out of Chaos to Accelerate Growth

Shevelle McPherson

Business Growth and Legal Expert Start, Sale and Scale

Pat Miller

Idea Coach, Customer Engagement

Julie Miller Davis

Productivity for Goal and Time Management

Katie Nelson

Business Coach and Sales Catalyst

LoriAnne Reeves

Business & Sales Strategist

Nora Sudduth

Digital Marketing & Course Creation Specialist

Jenny Taylor

Branding, Social Media, Publicity and Mindset Coach

Lisa Vanderkwaak

Public Speaking -Find YOUR Voice

eWNPodcast Hosts

Meet, network and book interviews in-person with our eWNPodcast Hosts

Jameela Allen

Childcare Biz
with Jameela Allen

Nancy Allen

Tail of the bell
with Nancy S. Allen

Ronda Arndorfer

Healthy is wealthy
with Ronda Arndorfer

Dr. Cynthia Barnett

Boomers on Fire
with Dr. Cynthia Barnett

Susan Burrell

with Susan Burrell

Jennifer Cochran, LMT,CLT

The cancer cliff notes
with Jenn Cochran

Jennifer D'Angelo

Success Street
with Jennifer D’Angelo

Briana Dai

Million Dollar Women
with Briana Dai

Deborah Daniel

Money without limits!
with Deborah Daniel

Jennifer Didier

Tech In the Right Direction
with Jennifer Didier

Mahisha Dellinger

with Mahisha Dellinger

Gina Davis

Event Talk
with Gina Davis

Jan Elliott

with Jan Elliott

Marjeanne Fields

Freedom Formula
with Marjeanne Fields

Janelle Jai

Fiercely Flipping 50
with Janelle Jai

Steffi Jo

Feminine Essence
with Steffi Jo

Tara MacDonald

Plus Fitness
with Tara MacDonald

Marianne Marlow

Love Works
with Marianne Marlow

Michael McCauley

Turn Knowledge to Profit
with Michael McCauley

Shevelle McPherson

Soarpreneurs Uninterrupted
with Shevelle McPherson

Pat Miller

Lift as we Climb
with Pat Miller

Cass Mullane

Prosper Creatively
with Cass Mullane

Michelle Nagel

Roar to Win!
with Michelle Nagel

Joanne Neweduk

Brilliant Light Wellness
with Joanne Neweduk

Helen Rose

Sharing Stories
with Helen Rose

Traci Shirachi

Driving Outcomes
with Traci Shirachi

Jean Tillery

What’s Your Story
with Jean Tillery

Julie Waas

Fit & Fabulous Forever
with Julie Waas

Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

REV with Rachel
with Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

eWNPodcast Hosts