• Giving first, sharing always and empowering our community to thrive in an environment of encouragement and empathy.
  • Lifting others as we climb to foster prosperity, growth and fiscal responsibility.
  • Teamwork to make the dream work through respect, cooperation and accountability.
  • Providing exceptional products, services, resources and remarkable experiences through innovation, education and continuous improvement.
  • Respectful and transparent communication guided by the rule of good intention.
  • Being reliable, responsible and engaged. We listen and seek win win outcomes.
  • Being a professional organization that fosters integrity, honesty and trust.
  • Being an inclusive network that cultivates diversity in a community environment where one can truly belong.
  • Happiness, fun, self-care and life balance.

Rules & Regulations

Passing out literature, samples, holding meetings in your on-site (or off-site) room to enroll Conference participants in your programs, holding Happy Hours (or the like) to show samples of products and services for the purposes of taking orders, etc. is strictly prohibited and unethical. We protect our Attendees and Exhibitors fiercely and will not allow such unauthorized practices. We ask our attendees to honor our Values, look out for each other, and if they see something to say something. Violators will be removed from the Conference and banned from future company events.