The eWN ICON Experience

Aug 25 (Pre-Con Bonus Day)
Aug 25 – 28, 2021
Frisco Texas (North Dallas)

What you will experience:

Stimulating, provocative, inspired learning. Our content is carefully curated to address the immediate and future needs of our attendees. Our subject matter experts will cover:

  • The most effective marketing and business building strategies
  • Technology hacks that will save you time and money
  • Ways to break through the million-dollar revenue threshold
  • New smart actions to attract more customers and close more deals
  • Reimagined thinking—discover new ways to accomplish your goals
  • The new Social Media frontier. The rules and opportunities are changing
  • Money Power—discover what’s available to you now! Gaining access to capital!
  • The keys to becoming an influencer
  • How to grow and leverage the power of YouTube
  • Discover the hottest growth insights and strategies from Google
  • Uncover what motivates people to buy NOW and make a purchase decision on the spot.
  • Discover how to package your expertise so you can earn a dynamic income!
  • Create video marketing that accelerates the buying time of your customers and drives business back to you.
  • And so much more!

You will be introduced to phenomenal, transformational, new relationships. Our attendees are inspired, motivated, positive business owners and entrepreneurs who are here to cultivate, expand and help each other succeed. The exchange of ideas, best practices, tips and strategies are unmatched. Deep, meaningful, authentic relationships unfold for our attendees.

A full year of Great Leads and Referrals!

You will be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the open and welcoming attitude of the attendees toward you. eWomenNetwork is founded on the principles of “Giving First” and sharing always. We are an “other-focused” culture. When attendees meet you, they will want to learn about you, what you offer and how they can help you.

Incredible pop-up stores and activation resources in our expo.

Our podcast hosts will be here, live, to meet you and schedule interviews on their shows.
Expect great things to happen to you and your business but more than anything—be prepared to receive an abundance of support, inspiration, referrals and introductions to life-changing relationships.

For 19 years, eWomenNetwork has produced and hosted the premier Conference experience for Women business owners and entrepreneurs. The 20th Annual Conference called eWN ICON represents the massive evolution and impact of our eWomenNetwork Community over the past two decades. Our Conference is open to all, members and non-members, women of course and men too! The diversification, impressive high caliber and range of businesses represented is extraordinary and not duplicated at any Conference anywhere. A staggering 96% of all attendees are Presidents and CEOs of their businesses. Not only will you find our environment open, supportive and inviting, you will discover a nurturing networking experience, products, services and resources that can help you catapult your success. Our mission is to help one-million women entrepreneurs each achieve one-million dollars in annual revenue.